Fakultet za sport i turizam

The Faculty of Sports and Tourism – tims., Novi Sad, was founded in 2004 as an independent institution of high education whose founders are private persons. The Faculty is a part of the “EDUCONS” university, from Novi Sad. The Faculty, as well as all of its study programmes is accredited as a scientific institution with permission to perform scientific and research activities. Tims was one of the first private faculties in Serbia to obtain the work permit, issued by the Provincial secretariate.

The basic values of tims are practice practice-mindedness, entrepreneurial spirit, interactive classes and work in smaller groups, scientific foundation of knowledge and orientation towards the latest achievements of theory and practice.

The seat of the Faculty is in Radnička 30a, Novi Sad, Serbia in the premises owned by the Faculty, on the area of 1491 m2. currently there are about 500 students on all three levels of studies. So far, over 300 students have graduated on the basic bachelor studies, 22 on the master studies and 10 on the doctoral studies.

The mission of tims lies in becoming a place of convergence and exchange of ideas in the fields of sport, tourism, active and creative use of free time with the aim of improving the quality of life. Conceived as an academic institution of higher education, the Faculty of Sport and Tourism is accredited for the implementation of five study programmes, three in the field of physical education and sport, two in the field of management and business in tourism. All programmes are accredited in the field of social sciences-humanities. The curriculums are generally conceived in such a way that the basic level of studies takes three years of studying, graduate master level takes two additional years, with doctoral studies taking another three years.

In the study programme of physical education and sport, the following titles are obtained:
• on the basic level of academic education, according to a nomenclature of titles, the following title is obtained: Teacher of sport and physical education;
• in master studies, the title of Professor of physical education and sport – master;
• in doctoral studies of sport, the following title – Doctor of physical education, sport and kinesitherapy.

In the study programme of Management and business in tourism, the following titles can be obtained:
• in basic academic studies, the title of manager;
• in master studies, graduate manager – master.

The Faculty employs a total of 39 teachers and 20 teaching associates (21 of which are teachers employed on full-time and 12 associates employed on full-time), as well as 9 non-teaching staff.

Tims also has several specialised centres, the most important of which are: the Centre for Functional Diagnostics – tims.lab, the Centre for Animation and the Centre for Consulting in Tourism.

The Faculty is a centre of scientific and research projects both in the fields of sport and tourism. The teachers and associates contribute to the affirmation of the Faculty through personal professional development and obtainment of competencies (writing scientific and research papers, taking the lead and participant roles in projects). In the field of tourism, scientific and research work is implemented in the fields of: wellness, spa tourism, activities of the persons in third age, local and regional development from the aspect of the quality of life, as well as the latest management information systems. In the field of sport, there is scientific research of the improvement of the quality of life of high-school and student population. The focus lies on recreation and use of free time in the era of progressive illnesses in younger population as a consequence of non-practicing of physical activity and inadequate diet. Apart form this, the focus of research is modernisation of trainings in sporting branches, such as swimming, football, basketball, handball, volleyball and all other well-known collective and individual sport and competitive activities, so as to obtain maximum sporting results without endangering health.