Fakultet za sport i turizam

Since 2001, when we were founded, our mission has been to enable a unique studying experience for our students. Our young, but professional teaching staff helps us with that, as well as our smart and pleasantly designed premises, classrooms with top-equipment, library, computer centre, sports laboratory, as well as our partners, who come from the leading companies, non-governmental organisations, sport clubs and various educational institutions in Serbia and abroad. A large number of our students, alumni, who are in some of the leading positions in the world of sport and tourism are our link with the practice today, but also a testimony of our success.

There are two study programmes at the Faculty:

Student life

A range of important events makes up an integral part of the Faculty of Sport and Tourism and pose an opportunity for the meeting, socialising, presentation of ideas, expression and celebration. the most impčortant traditional events at tims are Sports Day, Earth Day, Health Day, World Tourism Day and others.

Forums and guest appearances

Tims. is a space where theory and practice of sport , tourism and wellness meet. It is, as such, a place where forums are held, as well as conferences, guest lectures, book promotions, presentations of projects and results… Attendance of these events gives you an excellent insight in the latest currents and debates in the field of sport and tourism.


There is a tradition of organising sections in different fields at tims: sports, dance, acting, journalism, photography, charity work and others. These sections often have concrete and valuable results. Thus, there is a student newspaper at  tims – tims.divan, a traditional charity action tims. tvoj prijatelj, sport teams… Participation in these sections (or starting new ones) is adequately valued. Even more important are the experience and knowledge that you gain in them. It is invaluable to both your student life and your future professional life.