Sport coaches are persons who take part in sporting skills demonstrations, programming, planning and realisation of professional and pedagogical work in a certain sporting branch. Typical duties of sport coaches include: planning of training processes, realisation of training, control of preparation and selection of athletes, analysis and correction of training processes and competitions, managing participation at competitions; keeping records on work and achieved results, preparing work reports; creating material and technical conditions for practice and training processes. The programme of vocational training of coaches entails the realisation of lectures in general and specific courses (depending on the sporting branch) with the load of 240 classes and resulting in the title of Sport coachin the corresponding sport. This programme is open to all interested candidates, the prerequisite being a minimum of high-school diploma, or the equivalent thereof.

The faculty organizes additional training of coaches who currently hold the title of instructors, which, according to current Serbian laws, does not allow them to work independently in sporting organizations in Serbia.

Courses for sport coaches with course loads

No Course Load
                                           General courses
1. Basics of sport (basics of sport anthropomotor abilities and biomechanics) 12
2. Basics of sport anthropology – functional anatomy, physiology and sporting medicine  


3. Basics of sport psychology 12
4. Basics of sport methodics 16
5. Basics of sport statistics and IT    8
6. Basics of training theory 12


Basics of sport organisation and legal regulation of sport in the Republic of Serbia  


                                                                                       Total: 96
                                             Specific courses
8. Analysis of sport activity 32
9. Training methodics of a particular sport 32
10. Sport-pedagogical practice 40
11. Training practice 40
                                                                                         Total: 144
                                                                                         Overall: 240

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