Rapid technological development, constant social changes and turbulent business environment call for a permanent and lifelong education. The importance of short, practical courses has never been greater. Here at Tims. we offer you a wide range of courses and seminars in the fields of tourism, sport, physical exercise and psychology. Here are some of them.

Vocational training of future sport professionals

The programmes of vocational training are oriented towards the best practice and tradition of coaching schools in Serbia and abroad. The programmes have been harmonised with the Law on Sport of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia n. 24/11) and the Rulebook on Nomenclature of Titles and Vocations in Sport and they are organised for coaches, instructors, organisers of sporting recreation, organisers of sporting business, sport managers, referees, lifeguards and sport guides.

Training of coaches and sporting referees is conducted for all branches of sport in accordance with the Rule book on sport branches, as recognised in the Republic of Serbia.

A successful completion of these programmes allows one to obtain adequate certificates, which entitle the attendee to obtain a work licence, in accordance with the Rule book on licensing of professionals in sport (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, no. 7/2013).

IMPORTANT INFO – Lectures within the vocational training programme are conducted in March, May and October in Novi Sad, as well as in May in Belgrade.

There is also a possibility to realise the lectures elsewhere and at other times, depending on the number of candidates interested.

You can apply online for vocational training programmes through this website. The call for applications is open year-round.