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Ethics in Providing Tourism Services by Travel Agents in SerbiaT

Rad Msc Ivane Mišković objavljen u časopisu Turizam, volum 16, izdanje 1 (2012).

This paper attempts to answer the usually neglected ethical question of the interaction between tourism workers and participants in tourism movements and users of tourism services in general. Contact with numerous people in the work place, dynamic work with customers, continuous phone calls and stress due to constant responsibility, are just some of the conditions which tourism workers encounter on the daily basis and which sometimes make them ask themselves: Am I really able to do this job? Will their behavior with each customer be ethical? Will they be able to hide from the customers their stress, nervousness and mental fatigue? Have all the employees in travel agencies attended the training courses in communication with customers, or does everything depend on their own decisions and home upbringing? Is it worth taking risk and putting agency’s reputation at stake? Which moral dilemmas do the tour guides encounter on the journeys? These are just some of the questions which will be put in the spotlight in this paper. The aim of this paper is to indicate the necessity to establish the codes of conduct for all professionals who are in direct contact with tourists.

Ethics in Providing Tourism Services by Travel Agents in Serbia