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Razlike u vrednostima kinematičkih parametara vrhunskih plivača različitog nivoa u 50-metarskim disciplinama

Rad grupe autora (doc. dr Bojan Međedović, MSc Dragoljub Veljović, doc. dr Romana Romanov, prof. dr Zlatko Ahmetović, doc. dr Nedžad Osmankać) prezentovan na II internacionalnom simpozijumu SPORT, TURIZAM I ZDRAVLJE u Bihaću 2011. godine.

Top swimmers are recognized for superior tactical, physical and technical characteristics. At the elite level there are some differences which divide swimmers in final races in the less and more successful. These differences are associated with specific changes in the values of swimming speed, frequency and length of stroke during a race. The aim of this study was to determine differences in kinematic parameters between elite swimmers of different standards of performance. The research encompassed 64 swimmers (32 senior and 32 junior) in final 50 m events European Short Course Championship. The results indicated that better (senior) swimmers show greater start speed, greater average swimming speed an swimming speed in first 25 meters, less stroke rate variability in backstroke, and less stroke length variability in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

Razlike kinematickih parametara vrhunskih plivaca u 50 metarskim bazenima